A Loose Cable in the Hospital

This one actually happened before I started working in Desktop Support. In fact, what I am about to tell you did not even take place at work, it actually took place in a hospital. To be more specific, in the hospital my wife was in to give birth to our daughter.

My wife and I were sitting in the room waiting for a nurse to come to take my wife`s vitals for the first time. When the nurse came in, she turned on the monitor next to the bed, but for some reason, it would not turn on. Fearing that this would require a call to Desktop Support, and more delays, I took matters into my own hands.

I walked behind my wife`s bed, and behind the monitor. I took one look and thought “simple first”. Using this rational I took the power cable and gave it a good shove into the power socket behind the monitor.

Of course, the monitor turned on. Cue the shocked faces.

Not too long after this incident, I got my first desktop support job. I always wonder if this somehow led me to find that job.


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