I Messed Up My BIOS

Yes it is true. Allow me to explain.

We are currently dealing with an issue upgrading certain PC models to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. No matter which method we tried (SCCM, ISO) the install would always try to install the Pro version, and we needed the Enterprise version (more on this a different time).

I had the brilliant idea of flashing the bios to solve the issue. I did this under the assumption that there is some kind of marker in the BIOS, that is telling the the Windows 10 installer to install Pro (whether this is true or not i have no idea).

Well… now the PC will not start. I mean it powers on, but it fails at POST.

My solution, call the manufacture of the PC to see if we could replace the motherboard under warranty.

Yay! a win for FRU!


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